Russian with Paul

(Stanford University, B.A. in Russian Literature and International Relations, 2016; University of Oxford, M.Phil in Politics, 2020) 

Paul has studied Russian for 12 years. He completed 2 NSLI-Y Scholarships for Russian Language in high school and went on to major in both Russian Literature and International Relations at Stanford, where he received honors. 

At Stanford, Paul worked as a research assistant to the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Professor Michael McFaul, and received a Fulbright Scholarship to live and teach in Siberia for 10 months. He then worked for a USAID contractor in Kyiv, Ukraine, focusing on democratic development and anti-corruption reform. His M.Phil dissertation at Oxford allowed him to return to Siberia to complete interview-intensive, ethnographic research.

Paul has 1000+ hours of tutoring experience, helping students with homework, essays, interviews, and of course, Russian.