Russian with Ben

(Stanford University, B.A. in Russian Literature and Philosophy, 2017; University of Oxford, M.Phil in Modern Languages, 2019)

Ben discovered his love for Russian during two consecutive summers in Russia, funded through the NSLI-Y scholarship. This immersion experience was supplemented by rigorous Russian language instruction at the Friends School of Baltimore.

In his sophomore year at Stanford, Ben pursued original research on the American reception of Russian writer/poet Boris Pasternak. His part-time student employment featured a bevy of Russian language instruction, including substitute teaching at the Friends School of Baltimore, individual private tutoring, and conversation practice for advanced language learners. Ben was a visiting student in the Faculty of Slavic Philology at the University of Latvia in Riga; this ignited his interest in Russophone culture in the Baltic states.

Ben’s archival exploration in 20th-century Russian literary history has led him to publish in scholarly periodicals in both English and Russian, most recently in the Riga-based Rizhskii al’manakh. Ben is now a graduate student of Slavic Literatures at Princeton University. 

The Russian Cohort -- Language Tutoring